About Us

About Us:

Valley AIDS Council (VAC) is the primary provider of HIV prevention, education and testing services and the only Ryan White funded agency providing medical care and supportive services for people living with HIV in the 3-county area that stretches from the lower Rio Grande Valley on to the US/Mexico border.

Contact Information & Locations

Visit our Contact Information & Locations page to explore our interactive map which will help you locate and get directions to the VAC offices and Westbrook Clinics located in South Texas.

Mission & History

Visit our Mission & History page to learn more about the VAC’s Mission Statement and Organizational History and Milestones.

VAC Directors

Visit our  VAC Directors page for contact and biographical information on VAC’s Directors.

VAC Board of Directors

Visit our VAC Board of Directors page for a list of VAC Board Members and their board positions.

Staff Directory

Visit our Staff Directory page for a directory of VAC departments, including the names, email, and office phone numbers of staff members.

Career Center

Visit our Career Center to learn more about employment opportunities at VAC.


Visit our Volunteers page to apply and learn more about volunteer opportunities at VAC.

Save a Life, Donate!

Visit our Save a Life, Donate! page to offer a financial donation which will support VAC in providing medical care, treatment, prevention and testing services in South Texas.