New Patients

Newly Diagnosed

Learning that you have HIV can be a confusing and frightening time. You may experience a variety of emotions and may not know what steps to take next. Visit our Newly Diagnosed page to learn about VAC locations, services, how to register to become a client, and what to expect during your first visit. 

Services – Becoming a Client

Our Services – Becoming a Client page provides information on how to become a client at VAC’s Westbrook Clinics and describes the variety of client services, including medical, dental, nutrition advice, case management and our pharmacy.

Medical Case Management

The Medical Case Management page introduces you to the Medical Case Managers at our Westbrook Clinics.

Pharmacy Services

The Pharmacy Services page provides information on how to access our pharmacy services.

Did You Know? HIV 101

Our HIV 101 page provides answers to common HIV/AIDS, treatment, and prevention questions..

Online Resources

The Online Resources page provides links to English and Spanish online resourceson HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, and research.